Beeby Clark Meyer

Decorative and energy efficient lighting, power wiring, gfi outlets, decora outlets, fire alarm, electrical service and panels

Date: August 13, 2014 Category:

Project Introduction


On the outskirts of New York City lies the booming Stamford, Connecticut, where Tri Star Electric signed a deal to transform the commercial electrical system of the law firm Beeby Clark Meyer.





Beeby Clark Meyer is composed of some of the most brilliant minds in corporate law. With clients representing nearly all industries and legal structures, the firm holds an unsullied reputation for providing exemplary legal services for all its clients.



Tri Star Electric is honored to have been chosen to provide a full renovation of Beeby Clark Meyer’s in-office electrical system. We worked to install safe and energy-efficient power wiring, conference room wiring along with decorative lighting, modular furniture, ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, fire alarm, hvac wiring, decora devices and temporary lighting and power for construction.



Our contract for the Beeby Clark Meyer project took place in 2013.



The Law Offices of Beeby Clark Meyer is situated in the new business hub of Stamford, Connecticut, just thirty miles outside of New York City.