The Friars Club

Full power and lighting wiring remodel of dining rooms, and new Decorative Lighting

Date: August 7, 2014 Category:

Project Introduction


Tri Star Electric is the choice of provider of electrical services for The Friars Club, an elite club of celebrities and comedians who belong to the uppermost crust of American society.





The Friars Club is an exclusive, century-old, members-only comedy club famous for its humorous roasts for and by celebrities and world-class comedians. Throughout its more than one hundred years of existence, the most prominent personalities in America — the likes of which range from Lucille Ball to Dr. Henry Kissinger and even a number of Presidents — have graced the club’s private facilities.



Tri Star Electric was privileged to have been chosen by The Friars Club to provide a remodel of the wiring systems of the club’s dining rooms and install decorative lighting fixtures to accentuate the dining rooms’ English Renaissance interior design.



We provided electrical wiring and lighting installation services for the prestigious comedy club in 2003.



The Friars Club headquarters is situated in a Neo-Renaissance mansion on the southeast corner of New York City’s 55th East Street, also lovingly called the Friars Way.