Fragrance Co

Decorative and energy efficient lighting, power wiring, gfi outlets, decora outlets, fire alarm, electrical service and panels

Date: August 13, 2014 Category:

Project Introduction


Almost a decade ago, private label firm Givaudan Fragrance Co. had the objective of establishing a safer, more efficient in-house power system in the company’s commercial center. We are pleased that Fragrance Co. chose Tri Star Electric as its provider.





Givaudan Fragrance Co. is one of the world’s largest private-label companies supplying small and large-scale volumes of the world’s greatest variety of fragrances and flavors to high-end clients coming from the fashion, beauty and food industries.



Tri Star Electric was commissioned to perform a full renovation of Givaudan’s Fragrance Co. commercial facility. To begin, we installed a temporary power and lighting system accompanied by modular furniture before fitting a more efficient wiring system. We also included a new electrical service panels, hvac system wiring, fire alarm wiring, voice and data wiring, audio visual wiring, lutron system and energy-efficient lighting fixtures that are pleasing to look at, as well as ground fault interrupter outlets and Decora outlets from Leviton.



In 2005, Givaudan Fragrance Co. chose Tri Star Electric as the company of choice to provide its electrical needs.



Fragrance Co.’s headquarters can be found within the busy, bustling streets of New York City’s business district.