Kai Yoga Studio

Decorative and energy efficient lighting, power wiring, gfi outlets, decora outlets, fire alarm, electrical service and panels

Date: August 13, 2014 Category:

Project Introduction


Tri Star Electric has the widest array of clients, from high-end private residence owners to international firms with headquarters around the world. We also provide service for some of the most innovative, fastest-growing businesses in the country, such as Kai Yoga Studio.





Kai Yoga Studio is the premier yoga studio in Greenwich, Connecticut. Offering the most comprehensive array of services, ranging from aerial yoga for advanced practitioners to children’s yoga for the ultimate beginners, Kai Yoga Studio provides a venue for enhancing wellness for all sorts of clients.



Tri Star Electric performed a full-service renovation of Kai Yoga Studio, similar to the services we performed for Kai Café. This included the installation of a new power wiring system along with a breaker panel, HVAC / humidifier system, fire alarm and energy-efficient decorative lighting fixtures to enhance the studio’s natural lighting. We also mounted new Leviton receptacles and safety-enhancing GFI outlets.



Our work with Kai Yoga Studio and its partner Kai Café was conducted in 2013.



Greenwich, Connecticut is home to Kai Yoga Studio, and customers have the option of visiting two locations, one at the Greenwich another down the stretch in Westport.