Malibu Jewish Center

IP Camera Installation Project, telphone wiring for Fire Alarm Systems, Landscpape Lighting, Parking Lot Pole(s) re-wiring

Date: August 13, 2014 Category:

Project Introduction


Tri Star Electric was charged the duty of highlighting the exquisite surroundings of the Malibu Jewish Center, a task we took to heart with the installation of landscape lighting to accentuate the natural beauty of the establishment as well as performing the day to day maintenance for the facilities department.





The Malibu Jewish Center is not just a synagogue. It is a Jewish center that espouses a truly humanistic Jewish way of life. More than a spectacular venue for religious ceremonies, the Malibu Jewish Center houses an innovative religious school for all ages and a natural sanctuary for finding inner peace amidst the pressures of daily living.



The Center has recently undergone a restoration of facilities, with Tri Star Electric as the contractor of choice to install outdoor landscape lighting and rewire the Center’s parking lot pole lights. We also furnished the Center with Internet Protocol (IP) cameras for enhanced security and new telephone wiring for the fire alarm system.



Tri Star Electric provided electrical services to the Malibu Jewish Center during the first half of 2014.



The Malibu Jewish Center is located on Pacific Coast Highway, just in front of the vast Pacific Ocean. Services are often conducted right on the beach, when fine weather permits.