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Decorative and energy efficient lighting, power wiring, gfi outlets, decora outlets, fire alarm, electrical service and panels

Date: August 13, 2014 Category:

Project Introduction


We take deep pride in the fact that our high-end residential clients trust Tri Star Electric to provide safe, powerful and efficient lighting and electrical systems for their homes.





Residents of New York City’s West Village are fortunate to live in a place that looks like a scene plucked out of a postcard from Europe. Tri Star Electric is even more fortunate to have been chosen to install the complete electrical system of a 2,600 square-foot West Village penthouse apartment, one of the most spectacular apartments we have ever seen.



Tri Star Electric’s services included the installation of a high-class, energy-efficient lighting system to match the apartment’s classy look, as well as complete power wiring, a new electrical services panel and an efficient fire alarm system. To complete the package, Tri Star also included Leviton’s trademark Decora receptacles and safety-enhancing GFI outlets.



Tri Star Electric installed a full-service electrical system in this lovely New York penthouse apartment in 2007.



Our client’s home is nestled deep within the charming Manhattan neighborhood of West Village, where the quaint storefronts and rustic-looking coffeehouses can fool visitors into forgetting that they are in New York City.