Beware – Not All Electricians Are Created Equal

The list of Los Angeles electricians is lengthy and ranges from one-person handyman services to multi-level corporations. Their resources and experience vary, and when it comes to professionalism, expertise, vision and customer service, they are not all created equal.

Some Los Angeles electricians have the skills to perform electrical service but lack professionalism. From licensure and insurance to personal demeanor and polished communication skills, your electrical contractor should be someone you are confident in and feel comfortable having in your home or business. To protect yourself and your property, you should only consider contractors who are licensed and who carry insurance coverage for personal liability, worker’s compensation and property damage. Look for an electrical contractor that has developed a solid reputation among clients, developers and architects. Contractors that have been in business for many years should be able to provide a list of referrals who can attest to the contractor’s professionalism and attention to detail on projects similar to yours.

Los Angeles electricians In addition to individual electrical services, such as wiring, switchgears, lighting, fire alarm/security systems and voice and data systems, consider hiring one contractor with a comprehensive set of services. High-end projects for commercial clients and large residential properties present unique demands that exceed the experience and scope of services of many Los Angeles electricians and electrical contractors. Firms skilled and experienced in a broad range of services beyond fundamental electrical work may be able to complete demanding and complex projects without having to outsource tasks to subcontractors or specialists. Keeping the work in house can save time and money as well as improve communication and simplify design implementation.

Large contracts that require end-to-end electrical service will be well-served by a firm that understands the process from the general contractor standpoint, which includes all aspects of scheduling, drawings, client feedback, RS5, the submittal process and closeout inspections..

Forward-Thinking Vision
Electrical service technologies are constantly evolving. While some electricians focus on servicing current systems, others take a progressive approach and strive to stay up-to-date on industry trends and development, such as the latest telecommunications technology for optimized audio and video, wired and wireless technologies, energy-efficiency, integrated systems and more.

Committed to Customer Service
Los Angeles electricians All Los Angeles electricians may say they care about customer service, but the proof is in client satisfaction. Be sure to ask the references about the contractor’s responsiveness, availability and communication. Is the contractor approachable and focused on working in partnership with the client? Larger firms are often bogged down by a corporate structure that keeps the principals from being actively involved in projects. Independent contractors and small businesses may not have the resources or manpower to be able to schedule a project at a productive pace.

Tri Star Electric is a Los Angeles-based firm of licensed electrical contractors which has been in business since 1973 and has worked on many of the most prestigious commercial and residential projects in New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Malibu, CA. We stand out among Los Angeles electricians for our ability to expertly manage high-end residential and large commercial renovations and deliver turnkey electrical solutions.

A forward-thinking boutique firm with principal involvement in all projects, Tri Star Electric offers both residential and commercial services with unparalleled expertise in commercial renovations, commercial build-outs and tenant improvements. Call (646) 235-9129 or email today to learn more about our leading-edge electrical services.


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