Design and Build

When it comes to new construction or any comprehensive renovations project, it is important to ensure that efficiency is provided at every stage of the process. For this reason, many developers and project managers have turned to design build as a way to provide efficient and effective project delivery. With more than 40 years’ worth of experience in the contracting industry across the United States and a team of expert electricians, Tri Star Electric is a premiere source of electrical design build solutions for your next project.

A Better Alternative to Project Delivery

There are a lot of moving parts in any construction or renovation project, whether an entirely new structure is being constructed or improvements are being made to an existing infrastructure. In either scenario, it is important to ensure that every professional contractor is on the same page, understands what will work best for the client, and provides the most reliable results in the long-term.

In some cases, those seeking an electrical contractor may plan work through the design-bid-build process, in which more professionals are brought in to complete the necessary service. In these scenarios, one professional may be in charge of implementing design and a separate electrical contractor will have to come in at a later date to work with the existing plans. As a result, the latter professional will likely have to update drawings and schedules that were already put into place and may end up using materials or solutions that were not approved in the original plans.

With electrical design build, project managers can streamline this process to ensure smoother communication and require fewer alterations as the construction progresses. With a strong knowledge of general contractor procedures, our electricians are able to work from concept to delivery, making sure that the final result more closely resembles what was originally designed.

Save Time and Money with Our Design Build Contractors

Those who are experienced with the design-bid-build process may be searching for a more productive solution that allows for smoother communication and implementation across all electrical service. We will deliver a positive design build experience for your construction project that will not only result in fewer organizational headaches, but also provide you with an opportunity to save time and money.

Our electrical design build professionals are adept in drafting effective electrical drawings and scheduling every installation need. This process will save you time and cost of hiring one party to plan your electrical needs and yet another contractor to carry them out. In addition, by having one contractor look over your electrical needs, you will be able to meet deadlines and spend less on additional days of labor. Utilizing high-grade electrical materials, our team will provide end-to-end service that best fits your vision and leaves less room for mistakes throughout the construction process.

Streamline Your Electrical Contracting Needs Today

If you are ready to pursue a forward-moving design build solution for turnkey construction projects, Tri Star Electric is ready to help. To learn more about our electrical services and design build contractors contact us today at (646) 235-9129 or