Electrical Renovations

Does your renovation require the expertise of an experienced electrical contractor in Santa Monica? Tri Star Electric is here for you.

Tri Star Electric has formed a strong relationship with architects and builders working all over the United States, making our company a trusted source in electrical renovations. With an in-depth knowledge of every step of the general contractor process, our team of forwarding-thinking electricians provides expert service, upgrades and repairs that are needed when any commercial or residential space undergoes remodeling, new construction or a build-out.

Reasons Why You May Need Electrical Service for Renovation

Like any aspect of home or business improvement, it is important to make sure that your residential or commercial property is able to handle electrical needs with no additional stress to the infrastructure. If you are planning on a remodel or build-out for your property, chances are you will need to hire a Los Angeles electrical contractor to oversee and assist with renovations ranging from new wiring to installation of energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

Even if you are not planning on remodeling or new construction, your property may be in need of electrical renovations for other reasons. For example, any growing business that has to meet increasing power needs should have the existing electrical system inspected and upgraded to meet these new demands. While certain problems may not be detectable, informed electricians can help detect problem areas in your home or business’ electrical system—such as those that may be causing inefficiencies, shortages or increased energy bills.

Scheduling Electrical Service

As a company that is focused on providing turnkey electrical solutions for commercial clients, we understand that it is important for all remodeling and property improvement to be scheduled at a productive pace. Tri Star Electric employs a team of expert electricians who are able to plan the entire electrical renovations process from concept to delivery.  Our clients have boasted satisfaction with our scheduling aptitude, as we ensure to complete work as quickly as possible—with high-quality results.

Electrical Drawings

In addition to scheduling, planning for renovations involves intensive review of drawings to ensure that every aspect of a project is in place and prepared for change. In renovation work, our team is able to work with prior electrical drawings and update them to deliver results safely and effectively.

Electrical Permits

When property owners and developers start to explore the requirements for renovations, they will find that there are many permits that must be approved for construction and improvements to begin. Fortunately, our Los Angeles electrical contractor team can make sure this process moves smoothly, as we have in-depth experience with the submittal process for electrical renovations. Trusting in Tri Star Electric comes with the added assurance that your renovation will remain on schedule and stay in line with all other contractor requirements. Our assistance with permits and approvals will ensure a project is compliant with current construction codes.

Move Toward the Future with Tri Star Electric Renovation Services

If you are ready to take your business or residential property to the next level with high-end electrical renovations, look no further than Tri Star Electric. Our team is ready to assist and begin planning for the wide range of needs your project may require. To speak with an experienced electrical contractor in Santa Monica, reach out to us at (646) 235-9129 or info@tristarelectricCA.com.