Electrical Switchgear

At the heart of any property’s electrical system is the electrical switchgear. For those unfamiliar, the switchgear is the central resource for all electrical power systems from which lighting, appliances, networks and other electrical tools gain their energy. When functioning appropriately and safely, the switchgear is the main reference point for controlling the flow of electricity. It is where those overseeing power can change important connections, assess fuses and check circuit breakers.

However, when these systems fail, the damage done to an electrical infrastructure—whether found in a commercial or residential infrastructure—can be alarming.

When Switchgear Fails

There are many consequences that can come from extensive failure of electrical switchgear. When these systems fail, exhaustive maintenance and repairs are likely to take place—and replacing switchgear components can be costly. However, the expense of replacing an unmaintained switchgear is not the only reason why it is important for all property owners to stay on top of electrical performance and efficiency. When these systems become overheated or fail, there is always a risk of fire and shortages—these instances can put customers, employees and tenants in harm’s way.

If there is a problem with your existing switchgear, it is critical to seek assessment from a professional electrical service contractor immediately. Our team of expert electricians is able to safely inspect these systems to identify existing issues and make necessary repairs to ensure that more extensive, dangerous and expensive damage does not occur.

Preventing Electrical Service Failure with Regular Switchgear Maintenance

Since the failure of switchgear can be costly and dangerous to any type of property, it is recommended that owners establish a regular switchgear maintenance schedule. Tri Star Electric is proud to provide comprehensive maintenance and inspections that are designed to prevent existing electrical systems from experiencing severe damage.

Our experts will provide in-depth assessment of electrical switchgear to detect any problems that can occur or develop with fuses, circuit breakers and temperature control. Possessing a thorough understanding of electrical systems, we will provide exhaustive records that will help map out the ongoing performance of switchgear resources and predict any upcoming reconditioning needs.

Upgrading and Repairing Switchgear

Our team of professionals believes that in order to keep a property running efficiently, any detectable problems with an electrical system must be resolved immediately. As such, we are prepared and qualified to recondition any switchgear components that may be impacting overall performance and safety. If necessary, we are also able to take out old equipment and professionally replace these elements.

Regular electrical switchgear maintenance with Tri Star Electric not only comes with trustworthy service and high-end solutions, but also a team of trained electricians that are certified to handle these essential assets of electrical systems.

Have Your Switchgear Checked Today

If you are a business owner who believes that your current property’s switchgear is experiencing problems or failing, please do not hesitate to contact our team today. In addition, if you need reliable electrical switchgear maintenance or inspection, Tri Star Electric is ready to deliver our expert opinion built on more than 40 years’ worth of experience.

To improve or maintain your switchgear please call us today at (646) 235-9129 or e-mail info@tristarelectricCA.com.