Fire Alarm Systems

According to the most recent data made available by the National Fire Protection Association, there were more than 1.3 million fires reports in the United States in 2012—causing extensive fatalities, injuries and property damage. Among these fires were many large-loss emergencies, which included incidents at manufacturing, offices, storage and other special facilities. While emergency fire personnel and staff planning have helped many prepare for fires, these statistics present a clear need for reliable commercial fire alarm systems.

At Tri Star Electric, we pride ourselves not only on providing dependable electrical contractor work for commercial and residential properties, but also on our dedication to increasing safety for all Americans. Our fire alarm installation services can help any developer ensure that new construction projects are outfitted with the latest in alert technology. In addition, our Los Angeles electrical contractors are able to inspect and identify existing alarm systems within properties to determine if they need repair or replacement.

Save Lives with Fire Alarm Defense

Fires happen—and sometimes they can grow at rapid rates that require the fastest action possible. While staff fire drills and adequate emergency exit planning can help businesses keep their employees and patrons safe from fires, reliable commercial fire alarm systems are some of the most important tools for optimized safety.

With our fire alarm system services, business owners and developers can make sure that their properties are up to code with current standards in fire defense and protection. These systems help provide immediate alerts to signal all those within a building to exit in the event of an emergency. In addition, these comprehensive resources can alert emergency response personnel in surrounding areas so that fast action can be taken. These are essential factors that can help people prevent injury and stay safe in the event of a fire.

Reduce or Prevent Extensive Property Damage

In the event of a commercial fire, the first priority is to ensure that every person within the surrounding area is safe. However, for property owners there are many additional concerns regarding damage to the structure and the cost that this may impose. Even with comprehensive fire insurance, extensive property damage caused by smoke, fire and water can result in exhaustive, costly repairs that may put your business out of operation for some time.

Our reliable commercial fire alarm systems are designed to provide the response needed so that in the event of a fire, your property can benefit from the earliest intervention possible. While no fire is a good thing, this response can mean the difference between minor repairs and dramatically expensive fire restoration needs. In addition, even if you trust your building is always safe from fire damage, having the latest alarm system installed correctly can help boost your property value and possibly lower your insurance costs.

Don’t Wait for Fire Protection

A fire can destroy lives and property within a matter of minutes; fortunately, you can help protect your building with the reliable commercial fire alarm systems that Tri Star Electric installs. To learn more about our notable service and reliable alarm system services, call us today at (646) 235-9129 or send us a message at to speak with one of our Los Angeles electrical contractors.