Lighting Systems

In terms of modern infrastructure, lighting remains one of the most essential factors for homes and businesses. As master electricians, Tri Star Electric is a leading team of lighting contractors that will help make your new construction or renovation project a whole lot brighter.

We Know Lighting Design Trends

We have served the electrical needs of commercial and residential clients since 1973 and have become familiar with the many lighting trends that have developed—and repeated themselves—over the course of the last 40 years.  From a design perspective, our team is able to deliver an array of lighting options that fit the aesthetic of your latest project, whether you are searching for modern lighting for your restaurant or efficient, effective lights for a comprehensive office complex.

Easy Planning and Installation of Lighting Systems

Focused on customer satisfaction, we understand more than design when it comes to bringing the latest and greatest lighting solutions into your structure. Our team of lighting contractors understands every aspect of the general contractor process, making it easy for us to communicate with existing architects and designers who may be involved in the planning of your building construction. Having worked on a variety of projects over the years, our forward-thinking electricians will be able to identify any issues with your lighting ahead of time and resolve them before they become a problem.

Once you have chosen the lighting system that will best fit your structure, whether for a completely new build or a remodeling effort, we are focused on making the installation process easy. Our trained and licensed professionals will ensure that your lighting system is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also efficient, safe, and up to current industry standards.

Bring LED Lights into Your New Construction Project

In the electrical business, LED lights are quickly becoming the most popular option for developers that want to outfit commercial and residential structures with the best solutions. LED lights carry many benefits that range from flexibility in design to energy efficiency.

As lighting contractors focused on the future, we have found that LED lights offer exceptional efficacy at approximately 80% efficiency rates, a truly significant savings when compared to the efficiency of fluorescent and incandescent systems. With dramatically longer life expectancies, no hazardous materials and energy efficiency, LED lights are the clear choice for delivering eco-friendly electrical solutions into your property. In terms of functionality, LED lights are not only brighter, but they turn on instantly and do not produce the aggravating noise common with fluorescent lighting systems.

These lights are also safer, as they do not heat up as much as CFL and incandescent bulbs. As an LED lighting contractor team, Tri Star Electric has also come to appreciate the tremendous durability that these systems provide.

Light Up Your Space with Our First-Rate Electrical Contractors

If you are ready to create a space that offers aesthetically pleasing, reliable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting, Tri Star Electric is ready to help. Contact us today at (646) 235-9129 or to learn how our lighting installers can brighten up your new construction or remodeling project.