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To get a true sense of any contractor’s ability to perform high-quality service, one must hear positive testimonials and see exceptional results. With Tri Star Electric, you can be sure that you will receive both, as we have recommendations from leading architects and have an extensive electrical projects gallery.

See the Precision

Electrical wiring and design often seem like challenging and complex projects. However, with the right professionals on site, these complicated networks of wires and telecommunication systems can come together to provide a seamless presentation. We know that precision is one of the finest qualities any electrical contractor can possess, which is why our team at Tri Star Electric takes great pride in making every one of our projects deliver a streamlined look.

With our full comprehension of general contractor planning and drawing, we can help improve existing electrical systems and install new wiring to create a more precise layout for your structure. To get an idea of the kind of power our clear-cut precision can deliver, just take a look at our electrical projects gallery.

See the Design

The great thing about reliable electricity is that it gives people an opportunity to truly appreciate design and aesthetic choices within and outside of a property. Our electricians carry not only a high appreciation of transformative electrical work but also a strong knack for design. Whether you are developing a property that needs corporate efficient lighting, designing a new hospital ward or upgrading the interior qualities of an apartment complex, we can help you achieve the final look you need for success.

Tri Star Electric is familiar with every type of electrical design trend, as we have been serving commercial and residential customers for more than 40 years. By taking a glimpse at our electrical projects gallery, you witness our ability to deliver decorative lighting that suits your environment and is backed by reliable electrical systems. While able to deliver the aesthetics, we can also improve corporate lighting with efficient, long-lasting electrical resources and the technology that can keep business productivity at a high.

See the Versatility

While focused on upgrading, maintaining, designing and implementing the electrical infrastructures of the future, we are also incredibly versatile when delivering these forward-thinking solutions. Our team carries a wealth of experience in all types of construction projects, whether for a commercial or residential purpose. Our electricians have served in financial, healthcare and education projects, along with many other industries.

From new construction to structure upgrades, Tri Star Electric is a versatile electrical contractor. We have an understanding of unique customer needs and will always make it a priority to deliver individualized solutions for any type of project.

Don’t Just Look At It—Experience the Best in Electricity Now

If you have any questions about our electrical projects gallery or want to learn how you can experience the same powerful and efficient electrical systems as our clients, please contact our team at (646) 235-9129 or info@tristarelectricCA.com.