Voice and Data Systems

The role of electricity in business has changed since Tri Star Electric was first established in 1973, but our team of expert electricians has kept up with the times as a progressive leader of service. Understanding that companies do not just need proper electrical contractor service to keep the lights on, we have built reliable solutions for companies seeking top-notch voice and data systems. If you are searching for turnkey telecommunications services, look no further than Tri Star Electric.

Helping Information Flow in the Digital Age

Information is exchanged at such a rapid pace in the modern age that any business owners that have yet to optimize their commercial telecommunications will soon be left behind. Fortunately, our data wiring contractors can help bring your commercial or residential property up to speed with our exceptional electrical services.

Our electrical data system solutions are designed to help you upgrade your cabling to meet the demands of the modern business world. If you are ready to not only keep your employees and consumers connected, but also connect your company to the rest of the world—choose Tri Star Electric for forward-thinking data wiring.

In addition to electrical renovations, Tri Star Electric can provide data wiring contractors for all new construction projects. With our assistance, you can ensure that your latest commercial development project is outfitted with the best telecommunications technology to help any new property grow into the future with confidence.

See and Hear the Future with our Audio Video Systems

Our data wiring services are able to help those communicating within your property—employees or tenants—stay connected at fast rates. However, we know that staying connected in today’s world means having crystal-clear audio and video solutions.

Tri Star Electric offers the latest telecommunications technology for both audio and video needs that can help your business stay connected with remote offices, clients, and employees at reliable speeds and quality.  Our audio video systems are perfect for global communication needs; however, they can provide a wealth of assurance when it comes to outfitting your property with first-rate surveillance and other systems that require optimized audio and video.

What Tri Star Electric Voice and Data Systems Can Do For You

If you are wary about introducing a next-generation solution for telecommunications into your business, it is important to assess how our expert electrical and data wiring contractors can benefit your operation in the long term. In addition to clearer communication, our A/V systems and data solutions are designed to bring your company into the future. As a result, making these changes to your telecommunications infrastructure can help boost your company’s profits, improve your brand and position your business as an industry leader to attract top talent and customers.

Simply put, you cannot afford to ignore the need for modernized telecommunications within your business property. Take action with our voice and data systems and help carry your business into success for years to come. Contact us today at (646) 235-9129 or info@tristarelectricCA.com to learn more about these solutions and the other comprehensive electrical services that Tri Star Electric offers.