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Date: August 13, 2014 Category:

Project Introduction


Tri Star Electric takes deep pride in its long list of clients that have exhibited, vision, brilliance and inventiveness in their own chosen fields. Coventure Media is one such client.





Coventure Media is an innovative corporate marketing firm that invests capital in its clients to ensure a win-win situation for itself and the companies with which it conducts business. Some of the firm’s most prominent investments include, Gamechanger and Menaji.



A full electrical renovation includes the installation of a new power wiring system and load center, in addition to an energy-efficient yet decorative lighting system. Tri Star Electric also mounted a new fire alarm system, as well as decorative Decora receptacles from Leviton and GFI outlets.



In 2012, Tri Star Electric performed an electrical demolition job for Coventure Media’s new office, followed by the installation of temporary lighting, power and lighting for the private offices and the wiring of the furniture system to complete the full renovation.



Coventure Media is located on Old Kings Highway in Darien, Connecticut, an affluent East Coast town situated in Fairfield County just north of New York City.